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18 January 2009

A Balanced Life -

Most Americans are cutting back on their spending trying to get control of their expenses. With the possibility of losing jobs and higher costs - it is a precarious time in our nation. However, with the new administration there seems to be hope - people seem happier.
If we all do our part and act responsibly, reevaluate our priorities and values some good may come from all of this chaos.

I officially resigned from my position last week and plan to spend my time educating the current generation on the power of money with time, making responsible decisions and ways to make sure you are set in retirement. It is very easy if you start young! The younger the better.

So now that my household income has been cut dramatically - I am really aware of ways to reduce costs. Clipping coupons, searching the web for blogs and web pages on saving money, canceling blockbuster on line, cutting my cell phone minutes, refinance my house to a lower interest rate, cooking at home to name a few.

But the biggest surprise has been the simple pleasures - backgammon tournaments with my husband, working together on Generation Millionaire, visiting my kids and not feeling rushed, cleaning the clutter out of our house and donating to others, reading with my cats on my lap, hiking, and mediating.

I have taken this step with courage, certainty and confidence. I look forward to the many presentations I will give, to your comments on the blog and your emails. My next post will review the basic steps needed to be financially successful in your life.

GenM - Wisdom beyond your years - will change the shape of our country.

Stay tuned.......

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