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21 October 2008

Thank you Sigma Phi Epsilon at The Ohio State University!!

Wow! What a great night! It was my pleasure to present to these future leaders at the Sig Ep house! They were engaged and curious about what they could do to avoid the financial pitfalls of most Americans. I was asked to come and educate them on how money works. There were around 100 young men and the energy in the room was electric.

It was wonderful to see the light bulb go off as I presented the information of how money works over TIME! They became much more engaged when they saw that they were in a great position to really change their future. Currently, most have little debt, after the presentation education and most importantly time.

They asked a lot of great questions - and many of the guys hung around after the presentation to continue the conversation. I was really privileged to spend time with these young men.
In my next blog i am going to address some of the common themes from the surveys.
Such as "Where does 8% return come from? and go into more detail on the amount of savings.

So thank you guys of Sig Ep for your wisdom to seek out information and educate yourselves. You truly do have Wisdom beyond your years!!

Stay tuned......


buckeyefan said...

Thanks for coming it was great to hear the presentation. A couple of days before you gave your presentation for Sig Ep I had walked into my bank (knowing that is was a FDIC institution) and put the majority of my savings (approx. $7500 in total) in a 'laddering' of CDs ( a 6, 9, and 14 month). I have had the money sitting in low interest savings accounts but am scared to put it into the market (especially with the current conditions). Was this the right decision and what should I do with my money when it matures? You kept presenting the opportunities to invest at 8% returns. What is a feasible avenue that a college age student can go through to seek such a return.

Generation Millionaire said...

buckeyefan - thank you for your great question. There are many factors in deciding where and how to invest money. I will address this on friday in the blog! Thanks again and keep the questions and thoughts coming.

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