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24 October 2008

Millionaires in the making from CNN

I am always looking for articles and web pages that support the Generation Millionaire concepts. I thought this was interesting from CNN Money. I am not promoting any career choice or options. Just trying to show how different people budget their money.
As always send me your ideas, questions and goals.

Millionaires in the Making are smart about choosing investments and they get a kick out of socking away money. They don't spend frivolously but know how to enjoy life, they keep an emergency fund, save for retirement and education expenses, and try to keep debt to a minimum. To be considered for a feature, tell us more about your saving strategies and goals. Send us your story and photo, or upload a video telling us all about your family and your finances, and why you deserve to be the next Millionaires in the Making.

I am not sure if they are still accepting new people for stories because it does not have an end date listed. Either way the stories about the families are interesting.

Stay tuned......

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