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10 April 2009

Flip Flops or a Beach House??

Flip flops or a beach house -- what will it be?? When I was at a recent convention I found it fascinating that I was giving away alot of money - all it took was 1 minute of time to give a guess. However, there was a novelty booth directly across from me - and they had the allure of decorating flip flops. It was like gnats to a fire.........

So my question to all of you is -- what do you really want? Instant gratification and the flash and color of something new that will last a few weeks or a beach house that you can relax in for years and years, as well as, security and piece of mind???

That experience was a microcosm of what life is really like and unless you make a conscious decision to go for the big stuff and give up the flashy fun stuff that does not change your life - you will always be chasing the flame and never getting to the reward - you will continually get burned.

Stay tuned....

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