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22 April 2009

Earth Day!

I love the universe - this has been my mantra for the past 14 years.

Before that I honestly never thought about it. I am part of a generation that believed litter was bad, fought to clean up the factories. (I lived near a Steel Plant - we would literally have a coating of black soot on our cars every morning) and wanted the water clean. It was more single focused we missed the bigger picture. We never dreamed the Artic shelf could melt or break apart, glaciers would fade into the water, rainforest's would be depleted and animals would become extinct.

So what changed 14 years ago that I became aware of the sanctity of the Universe. Exposure. I was fortunate enough to be able to start to travel to other parts of the world. When you come face to face with an animal that may be extinct due to our selfishness and ignorance - it changes you. While I watched the glaciers calving and splashing into the water - I felt a sense of awe and sadness. When I saw people walking miles for water because their natural supply either dried up or is polluted - it changes you and how you view all the privileges we live with everyday.

If you are not able to travel I urge you to watch the series PLANET EARTH. Open your mind and heart and see all the amazing facets of our universe. It will change you.

There are tips all over the internet on steps you can take to go GREEN - but if you don't have a true shift in your thinking and beliefs - you won't act on them. Take a day, make some popcorn, and relax and embrace the amazing PLANET EARTH - then take little steps to change your actions - you can make a difference!
Stay tuned........

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