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15 April 2009

Live for Today ... What Really Happens.....

I have had the most stressful week of my life...... This is what happens when people do not plan and live for only today.

My Uncle has been taken care of by my family for 67 years. He never had any responsibility while growing up - my grandparents spoiled him beyond belief. He then got married young, had 3 children and had to go to Vietnam for 2 terms. When he came back - he was out of control - his wife left him and my grandparents continued taking care of him. My grandmother died of cancer in 1986 and was still doing his laundry. He moved in with my grandfather and still lives in that house. We moved my grandfather back to Ohio in 1998 and since my Uncle had nothing - they left him in that house. My mom and her sister have basically paid his way until today.

He has had part time jobs and makes alittle here and there, He basically barters for most of his belongings and lives very simply. However, he has the continual fear of what is going to happen to him. When something would happen to my Aunt or mother - he will be out on the street. As my siblings have opted to not carry this to a third generation.

This last week I have spent with my mom, sister and cousin trying to figure out how to change this situation. We all have the same goal in mind - security for my uncle and freedom for all of us. We are a very close family and this could have easily turned into a feud. The amount of stress that comes with money issues is unbelievable. Then tie in emotions and everyone's thoughts .... it is a disaster in the making.

Fortunately, we found a solution. There is something called a Condo Trailer Park in Florida. You actually own the land and put a trailer on it. They are very nice. We were able to find an affordable one for him and he was willing to move. He now has security as long as he pays his Condo dues and taxes. We are free from worrying about what will happen to him and my parents can now enjoy the house, rent it or sell it.

My uncle is very fortunate that people cared about him. Most people in this situation would have been homeless a long time ago. This is an extreme example however, had he made a few different decisions his life could have been very different.

Next blog is going to be on the people we bought the trailer from and their financial woes......

Freedom - plan for your life. Small amounts of money over a long time can equal freedom and options.

Stay tuned......

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