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31 August 2010

Ways to Save on Your Car

You know the feeling…you've just gotten your car serviced, you've just filled up with gas, and you've just had the car cleaned… Does it feel like it runs better or is that in your imagination?

Whether real or imagined – car maintenance will keep your car running smoothly and save big money in the long run. Failure to get regular oil changes, filter changes, or scheduled maintenance could leave you stranded on the side of the road. This week, on Facebook, we're exploring ways to make our dollars go farther on our cars, but in no way are we advocating for you to ignore the needs of your car. Just be smarter about it…

  • Take a do-it-yourself workshop on how to change your cars oil and filter and enjoy a well-run machine at a fraction of the cost.
  • Pull out the old bucket and sponge and wash it yourself!
  • Don't take your car to the dealership for service, go to a reputable independent mechanic who knows cars and will do the work for less.
    • EXCEPTION: If you have a specialty car, such as a Hybrid or unusual foreign model – it's probably best to stick with the people who understand the unique quirks of your car type.
  • Make sure you're tires are good…worn tires slow down your car and actually cause you to burn more fuel.
  • Oh and speaking of tires, learn to change it yourself.


Stay tuned for more ways to save on your car's maintenance this week on Facebook! And be sure to suggest our page to your friends!

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