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17 August 2010

Financial Wisdom of the Ages

This week on Facebook, we've posted a variety of money-saving quotes from famous voices in history. Why? Because history repeats itself. What we are going through economically is not a new situation. Our country and societies / cultures around the globe have gone through economic hardships and depressions. In recent years, we have come the closest to repeating the Great Depression and as a whole, our nation has buckled belts a bit tighter and started seriously looking at finances, ways to cut back, and ways to save for the future.


Many have embraced old habits of making clothing, planting gardens, and other do-it-yourself cost saving strategies employed by generations past. These are critical skills that we should embrace – economic hardships or not!


About a year ago, a colleague of ours interviewed a Great Depression survivor who, when asked if people in today's society could survive another Great Depression, shared, "I don't know because people today aren't as self-sufficient as we were back then." There's a lot of truth in that statement. Think of the things we spend money on instead of taking care of it ourselves:


Using what you know about American history – what are some of the things you pay for that are really a matter of convenience versus a need. Are there things you could do at home to be more self-sufficient AND save money? Please share your thoughts here or on our Facebook
page. We will be exploring some do-it-yourself ideas in Thursday's blog.

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