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24 August 2010

Financial Security


Generation Millionaire teaches a program that teaches how to make small changes in your life to reap big benefits. We want to show the up and coming generation how they can be millionaires! Careful planning and a little discipline are the key ingredients. This week, we're talking about financial security. What does it mean?

For some, financial security is the typical American dream: big house, fancy cars, exotic vacations, and expensive jewelry. For some, it's having money put aside to cover unexpected expenses. For others, it might be just having enough to cover the costs of monthly living. Today, we had a fan of our Facebook page today who said that for her, financial security was being able to hire someone to do her laundry.

Everyone's definition is different. But one thing is consistent: in order to achieve your personal definition of financial security, you have to be committed to making smart financial decisions. Using the pay-yourself-first philosophy, Generation Millionaire is committed to showing you the way to financial security…no matter what your personal definition of it may be.

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timmy lee said...

Like your idea especially making smart decision in financial security, in this way you're not just to save money but some of it teaches on how to become a millionaire someday.

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