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05 August 2010

Some Advertising to Ponder

I recently drove past a car dealership with the usual hype - gleaming cars arranged in rows, "On Sale" posters in the windshields, waving banners bearing the name of the brand... And on top of the dealership was a giant blue gorilla wearing sunglasses.

Yeah - that made me want to stop in and look around.

It prompted my curiosity and I began to realize how often some silly representation is there designed for the sole purpose of luring us in...

Consider the following:

  • Do you feel more rewarded when you buy a hamburger from a clown?

  • Do you enjoy your chicken sandwich more when a cartoon chicken has just boasted about extra juicy those sandwiches are?

  • Do you feel compelled to buy car insurance from a lizard, eh-hem, excuse me...a gecco?

  • Do Frosted Flakes taste better because they are represented by a tiger?

  • Do Scrubbing Bubbles really enjoy their trip around the toilet bowl as depicted in commercials?

Advertising is all about the gimic. They want to lure you in with a repetitive icon so that you will buy their product.

I'm still scratching my head over the big blue gorilla...not quite able to wrap my brain around the marketing genius on that one, but I will say this - I never drive past that car dealership without taking note of it.

What gimics do you find amusing? Do you think they work?

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