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10 February 2009

Energy was High at Ohio State Presentation -

I want to thank Kate Trombitas from The Ohio State Wellness Center for inviting me to speak at the "Money in the Real World Series" and Nick from Buffalo Wild Wings for supporting the event and donating gift certificates. The students that attended were engaged, interested and energetic! The Q & A was almost as long as the presentation- which supports my belief that the current generation wants to make good decisions - they just need to be educated and given actionable steps to implement!

The group last night requested I list some links!

Low cost financial firms that offer "Time Based Mutual Funds for long term investing" These funds are designed around your goal date for needing the money - they start out more aggressively invested in the stock market and will slowly become more conservative - all you have to do is keep adding money - the fund manager will ensure you are appropriately invested for your time frame. Companies that offer funds - Fidelity Investments, T Rowe Price and Vanguard. The sites offer excellent education - take the time to educate yourself.

Some book recommendations:

A million bucks by 30 - by Alan Corey

The millionaire next door - by Thomas Stanley

Please pass the blog along to all your friends and family - knowledge is power and time is on your side NOW! Remember pay yourself first - and budget with the remaining money! Make financial decisions you can afford and you will have options and freedom!

Keep the questions and comments coming.

Stay tuned......


Look Photography said...

I really like when you give links and other resources. Hope to catch some shots of you in action at your presentation at UC in a few weeks!

Generation Millionaire said...

Thanks for the thoughts! I am always looking for interesting ideas to share. Very excited to see you at Univ of Cincinnati - You are my favorite photographer!

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