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18 February 2009

Thanks to Stefan, Students Success and Career Thoughts

Thanks to Stefan for his posts! His insights have been very helpful and his wit is amusing and fun to read!

I have been out and about doing more and more presentations and am sure now that I made the correct decision to do this full time. It is way more work than my previous job, I have to sell myself and get hired, I learn something new everyday from how to set up a booth at a convention, ordering banners, how to run a web page, create advertising and facebook!

And I am having more fun than I have had in years! The energy you bring to the presentations energizes me but more importantly we are making a difference. GenM is taking hold. I am getting emails from many of you - telling me how you have made changes in your daily lives and are saving money without feeling deprived or cheap!

A student from Ohio State told me he is saving $50 a month just by making coffee at home in the morning instead of grabbing it on the go!

Another student told me they bought a crock pot, plan meals for the week, go to the grocery once a week and use coupons. That way they come home to a nice healthy hot meal. This has saved her about $100 a month.

A few students mentioned that they are not using their college debit cards anymore. The cards give college students access to many more food options - you just swipe the card - so it very unconscious spending. You can run through hundreds of dollars a semester without realizing it. You do have to refill the card when you run low on funds - what the students are doing is going to a cash system. They all laugh at the fact that is much more difficult to give up the green - vs swiping. They are saving between $50 and $150 a month.

Continue to spread the word and give out the blog address. Tell your student activity boards that you would like me to come and speak at your school. It is the best hour the schools can provide to their students.

On another note - with all the layoffs I wanted to share
articles on jobs that will be in demand in the near future. If you are trying to find yourself - these may be a good fit!

Keep up the great work on taking control of your future - you will be so glad you did in a few years!

Stay tuned.....

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