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23 November 2010

Way Back When

"Who recalls when folks got along without something if it cost too much?"
~Kin Hubbard

Not too many generations ago, the idea of making a purchase when money wasn't readily available was practically unheard of. If something was wanted or needed, it was saved for and it wasn't purchased until it could be paid in cash. In our society of instant gratification, it's almost a laughable concept. I want it now, can't pay for it now, so I'll charge it.

Much can be learned from the wisdom of those long ago years. Once things were obtained, they were more appreciated. They were cared for and valued in a way that our instant gratification way of thinking doesn't readily allow. Back then, if it was broken, it wasn't immediately replaced.

Think about your computer. If it suddenly crashed, finding the money to buy a new one would probably be a priority for most of us. And it's understandable as many of us make a living or go to school on our computers. It's not easy to just go without Internet access now when we have so much of our lives wrapped up in cyberspace. So we'll concede on this one… maybe this waiting-to-purchase philosophy isn't so great for every aspect of our lives. But are there other areas to which we can apply it?

New shoes, new coat, new cell phone, new car, new clothes, new iTunes downloads… Are these purchases that HAVE to be made immediately? Maybe. Something spills down your shirt on your way to an important meeting, you may have to stop and buy a new shirt. But pausing before purchase…many, possibly most of your wants might be delayed, at least until you've saved enough to pay cash.

What do you think?

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