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14 December 2010

Have you ever bought something and then regretted it?

Did you know that if you walk in to a store and try on a shirt that costs $80 - if you put it on and don't like you will take it off and put it back on the rack. Now if that exact same shirt is on sale and now say $40 dollars - a whole different set of things happen.

You will look in the mirror, turn around a few times, stand on your toes to see how it looks and there is a very good chance you will buy the shirt! This is a proven fact.

You will second guess your own judgement - to not miss out on what appears to be a good deal.

Then you will probably never or very rarely wear it.

Here is how I shop. Nothing is ever on sale. (even if it is). Either I love it or I don't. No one is going to mess with my judgement ever again!!!

Stay tuned.......

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