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04 November 2010

To Dry Clean...or Not to Dry Clean??

Did you know that clothing manufacturers are only allowed to list one way to care for a garment? Very often - they choose dry clean only simply because that's the safest method. It's also the most expensive.

Consider the fabric. I've done this for years and have only had two "Oops!" moments. Take silks, wool, taffeta, velvet, and other known delicate fabrics to the cleaners. Save money on your clothes made from cotton, linen, polyester, acrylic, and nylon. They can almost always be washed at home. We recommend turning clothes inside out, and using the gentle cycle.

Add to your savings by hanging clothes to dry (or with sweaters - lay them flat to avoid weird ridges that hangers make in the shoulders). You may wonder why you shouldn't use the low-heat setting on the dryer? For one - it will take longer to dry the clothes and use more energy (translation: money). Besides - if you clean your lint tray out regularly, you know that the dryer slowly and systematically breaks down fabric...that's what you peel off and throw away!

Make your clothing last longer with smart care and remember that when the manufacturer says "Dry Clean Only," they are looking out for their best interests (fewer customer complaints), not your wallet.

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