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22 July 2010

Other People Get to Take a Vacation! Why Not Me?

When we talk about saving money, pay yourself first, and still encourage you to do the things you enjoy from a money-conscience perspective - it's easy to get frustrated, throw your hands up and say, "I hope I win the lottery."

We know that the Pay Yourself First Concept is sometimes daunting when very little is coming in and it's even more overwhelming to think about being able to do anything for yourself in the here and now. A friend recently shared her vacation planning strategy and we thought it was a great way to plan for and save for your plans...

Figure out when you want to take your trip and outline the costs. Where can you save? Could you pack a box of oatmeal for breakfast or book a hotel room in a hotel that serves free breakfast? Make lunch your big meal for the day and go lighter on the more expensive meal. Budget your spending money into increments...figure out your most cost effective / fuel-efficient means of transportation. What kind of portable snacks / lunch can you take with you so you can reduce food costs on the road?

Once you have figured out your budget...create an envelope for each travel day and figure out how much you need. You'll probably need more gas money on the first and last days. Then, start buying gift certificates. Buy gas cards and gift cards to common restaurants.

This method helps you save, plan, and feel like you're in control of your expenses of your trip.

Take the envelopes with you. Each day - hold on to your receipts and whatever is left at the end of the day can be rolled over to the next or saved for future use.

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