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27 July 2010

Financial Advisor vs. Generation Millionaire

No offense to the Financial Advisors out there - but Generation Millionaire endeavors to be something different.

We don't want to tell someone how much they can or can't spend - we want to educate them to make their own sound choices...without our help. And specifically - we want to educate high school students and college students on how to avoid financial pitfalls. Why them? Because they have the best opportunity to become millionaires and secure their financial future if they act now.

Generation Millionaire is an education program that is designed to show students how to avoid credit card debt, pay themselves first, and live comfortably without the undo pressure of keeping up with the Joneses.

Early today, we posted on
Facebook that we offer consultations for up and coming college students or recent college grads. We are committed to helping them find practical solutions that are applicable to any situation or financial situation. Please email for more information or visit our website,

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