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13 October 2009

Tuesday's Tips

Hey everyone! I'm back from my vacation with an update about how well my girlfriend did on sticking to our budget. Fortunately we did well, but unfortunately it was still an expensive trip.

Our overall budget allowed for two nights at a hotel in Hilton Head, a nice dinner out in both Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head, an evening at Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach, groceries for the week, and miscellaneous spending for entertainment and souvenirs. And even though we were staying at a condo in Myrtle Beach for free, we knew there would be gas costs and other things like toll booths that would drive our spending up. We budgeted for $900, but hoped we didn't spend nearly that much.

It turned out that our nice dinners ended up being pretty affordable for us. We went to Landry's in Myrtle Beach and our 2 dinners and an appetizer totaled $71. The appetizer was amazing and our dinners were big enough to take home for lunch the next day. We went to Kingfisher in Hilton Head, at the bride and groom's request, and that was even cheaper. We ordered a pound of crab legs and boy were they awesome. We also got drinks and our total was only $50. The only downside was that there were no leftovers.

Medieval Times was sooooo much fun. I highly recommend it for families or couples or anyone wanting a fun night out. We got to eat with our hands and the food was delicious. We got drinks again, and even got to keep the cups! Plus we got a show along with the dinner because the actors were riding around on horses and jousting. I can't even describe how much fun the night was. The night was expensive though, but because we budgeted it wasn't so bad. Total night cost was $130.

The groceries were only $55 but the food lasted for the entire week plus some. I just finished eating the last of the clementines we bought for the week. In hindsight we didn't realize how many clementines came in the crate. Plus we were still able to eat healthy for the week and spend less on food.

Among the miscellaneous entertainment and spending was the Aquarium in Myrtle Beach which was $40 for a few hours of petting sting rays and watching penguins hatch. There was more than just that, but I can't write all day about an aquarium. We also purchased a Karmel Rockaccino at the KISS Coffeehouse, which was so funny. KISS really does endorse everything and anything, but they also make a good frozen coffee drink.

All in all our vacation was a huge success in both the fun department and the spending department. We spent around $850, and over half of that was the Medieval Times evening, the 2 nights out, and the hotel cost. If we could do it all over again we wouldn't have changed a thing.
Well I'm still in vacation mind mode, so I'm going on a 168 hour break. So until then Stay Tuned...

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