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10 October 2009

$ Matters with Mary

Cleveland, OH Our last day!

After a trip down memory lane at the Lorain International Festival, we were well fed and ready for more Baseball. We had family waiting for us with the tickets for our 4th and last game. The Cleveland Indians vs. the Cincinnati Reds.

Gary’s nephew Chris, Chris’ beautiful wife Tara and 2 sons Christopher and Kyle were outside looking for us when we arrived. They had a fun evening planned and wanted to get started. Dinner was first on the list. They know us well.

There is nothing like going out to eat with locals. They took us to the Moosehead Hook and Ladder #3 in Olmsted Falls. What a great choice! The restaurant is located inside the historic Olmsted Firehouse. The food prices were affordable and the portions generous. The d├ęcor and costumed wait staff added to our enjoyment.

Travel Tip: Go off the beaten path and explore local establishments. It will make your trip unique and give you street cred with the natives.
From the restaurant we followed Chris to Progressive Field.

As we pulled into the parking lot the attendant was waving us through. Gary stopped and asked what we owed. We were told, “Nothing. The gentleman ahead of you paid for your parking.”

Impress Your Family and Friends Tip: If the opportunity ever arises - pay the toll, parking fee, etc for the guy behind you. It’s a real class act and one they won’t forget.

At the ballpark, Christopher age 11 and Kyle age 8 were a blast. Big enough to follow the game and young enough to be genuinely excited. And they could leave their parents to walk around the stadium with the “big” cousins.

It’s been a painful year for Indians fans. Tonight was no exception. The Indians lost to the Reds but nothing could take away from the experience of being with family and watching the hometown team play. Tickets were only $9 making it a fun and inexpensive night out.

This wraps up our 11 day, 7 state, “Tour of Stadiums” vacation. I hope you found a few tips to use on how to save $, find balance in your life, and have a great time. If you have any questions or comments please send them to: Put $ Matters by Mary in the subject line. Or Twitter me at


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