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15 October 2009

Keeping Your Options Open

It is very interesting...... the way money can control every move we make in our lives. It is important to have balance. In a perfect world you would have an emergency fund, savings, no debt and a life style that fits your income.
Our youngest son Bradley started Pharmacy Graduate School at Ohio State University this fall. He had an intensive 3 year undergraduate program and was ending that fairly stressed out. While in the midst of that pressure - he decided he wanted to learn Spanish fluently. He picked up the first two classes - and then opted to go to Ecuador for the summer to be part of an intensive language program.

This was a very expensive choice. He said to me I will get plenty of experience in a Pharmacy in time - this option will not affect my "career path". In fact, it will open doors in most parts of the world.

So he applied for more loans and headed to Ecuador for the summer. It ended up being a life changing event. First, he learned Latin Spanish, he can read, text and speak fairly well. He bonded with the family he lived with and will have friends for a lifetime, he traveled all over the country and after spending time with the indigenous people and the shamans - realized he has a passion for Natural Pharmacy Options as well as Western methods.

Upon coming home he applied for a mission trip with the nursing and medical school at OSU and will be going to Honduras in December to help with dispensing the medications and explaining - yes in Spanish - how to properly use the medications prescribed.

He has also connected with Amy Greeson of the
Healing Seekers and hopes to work with her in the future.

Had we only looked at the money Brad would have missed a very important lesson in his life. He found passion, a new culture, learned a new language, made friends and had a life changing summer that has already opened two new doors for him.

Make sure you are always looking at all angles of the choices you are making. Part of Generation Millionaire is living your passion while making responsible decisions.
Stay tuned........

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