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24 June 2010

What can you buy for a dollar?

Take a dollar out of your wallet. Money may be tight...we'll wait if you need to count out change. Got a dollar? Okay, now think about what it's worth. What can you buy with a dollar? It's actually harder than you think...there's not much a dollar can do these days. We'll help you out with a few ideas of our own:

  • Anything off the McDonald's Dollar Menu

  • A movie rental from the RedBox

  • A popsicle

  • A soft drink

  • A candy bar

  • A notebook

  • A pen or pencil

  • A pack of gum

Have you made any of these purchases recently? Over time, will your dollar investment in any of these things (or anything on your list) have made a difference to your future? Maybe. Perhaps you will meet your future spouse while sharing a movie you rented together at the RedBox. But chances are great that the fries you ordered off the McDonald's Dollar Menu are going to be quickly forgotten, perhaps even by the end of the day of your purchase!

Generation Millionaire is all about strategizing ways to build your nest egg, ways to cultivate million$ of possiblities for your future. We are certainly not suggesting that you don't deserve that pack of gum, but THINKING things out before a purchase can really make a huge difference to your wallet.

One dollar + time can equal a downpayment on a car, an extraordinary vacation, a new computer, and investments into your future. The possibilities are endless!

What kind of things do you buy that you know you can live without?

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