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29 June 2010

The Hidden Costs of Your Car

Did you know that you can save money in the way you drive? Here's some great tips that can help save both your car and your wallet...

  1. Limit your driving.

  2. Car pool when you can.

  3. Map your route...there's no reason to drive all over the city! Consolidate your errands.

  4. Stay up to date on your car's maintenance.

  5. Fill up the tank instead of making frequent trips for smaller gas bills.

  6. Avoid idling...park, and walk inside.

  7. Use a consistent speed and utilize your cruise control on long trips.

  8. Avoid stopping...if you see a red light ahead, slow down. It won't take as much gas to accelerate from a slower speed than to restart.

  9. When you do have to restart, increase your speed slowly.

  10. Avoid using the air conditioner.

  11. When shopping for a car, be realistic. Do you really need a SUV for just one or two people? Think fuel efficiency when you make a new car purchase.

  12. Wash / clean your car yourself.

What other ideas do you have to save money on your car?

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