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24 May 2010

Livn the Dream

There are many ways to create the opportunity to live your passion.

I realize we all need money to survive and we all want the best for ourselves and our families. But what is the best? More stuff.... Bigger houses.... Name brand everything.... Eating out...... The newest electronics?

What we all really want is...... to be connected to people we love...... feel good about our work - make a difference.......... Be healthy........ Be a part of the bigger picture by helping others, working to clean up the environment, finding a cure to a disease, helping animals etc.
So how do we close the gap from wanting everything NOW and shifting our thinking to How good do I feel because I have this vs doing that?

It takes a conscience decision everyday with every decision. Eventually, it will be second nature. But for the first few months - before every purchase you need to stop and think - "Why am I buying this, Do I really need it NOW, Is it going to sit in a pile with other things I have bought and didn't really need.

Look at your actions - is it easier to buy things for others verses spending time with them? When I talk with people and ask what is important to them - they always tell me stories of when they spent time with their parents, kids, siblings and friends, volunteering and the difference they made. I have never had the response I feel great because I have all the latest electronics, a new sports car or the biggest house on the block. Never makes the top 100 responses.
The blog I need motivation asks great questions.

Health is the top answers all the time - but what are you doing to stay healthy? Our lifestyles are killing us. Fast food, hormones in meats, pesticides sprayed on all our vegetables and preservatives in all the processed foods we eat are terrible for us. 40 years of eating like this and you will not have a fun and healthy retirement. (if you even make it to retirement)

It takes as long to go through a fast food drive thru as it does to go home and grill a piece of chicken and steam some vegetables. Stores like Trader Joes and Whole foods have made eating without preservatives pretty easy. Local grocery stores are also labeling foods and setting up sections to make it easier.

I often hear that it is more expensive to shop at the above stores or to eat healthy. This is possibly true depending on how you go about it. Ways to keep costs down are: plan your meals, watch for sales, use coupons, go to farmers markets and eat what is in season. If you cut out soda and junk food, the extra money will cover the cost of the additional cost of the healthier food as well.

The long term cost to you is your health - so if you even start with some of your meals - it is a benefit.

So to recap -

Before spending any money - THINK - Don't sleep walk thru purchases. Marketers have trained you do this. Take control back.

Are you really fulfilled with what you are doing with your time? Would you rather be spending time with people or causes you care about? Playing a game, going for a walk, cooking a meal together are great ways to reconnect.

Staying healthy - Huge issue. We have been convinced that fast and processed is better. Go simple. Be able to name all the ingredients in the foods you eat. The less in it the better. Get back to the basics of eating. It will add years to your life.'

Lastly, here is the money part - take inventory of where you are financially. List all your debts and assets. Look at how much you are spending on rent, cable, cell phones, food etc. Can you reduce spending anywhere. Seriously, can you live without 2000 TV channels or eating out everyday?

The next post will cover more on the shift in thinking with spending money.

Stay tuned......

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