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19 May 2010

Living Your Passion

Hey Generation Millionaire -

I want to go back to my original mission. Live your life's passion, live a balanced life, give back to society, and live within your means.

Did you notice that the money goal is listed last? That is on purpose because if you follow the basic principles - money isn't the goal - it is the means.

  • Living to make money and get stuff is not rewarding - it is a grind.
  • Going to a job that drains you of your energy - is cheating you out of living your best life.

  • Only thinking of yourself and what you can get - robs you from the rewards of seeing someone else do well and having compassion. Also, it is true - energy comes back to you - so when you put out positive energy and help others - it seems like things start to go our way as well.

  • Money - is important - however, we need to recalibrate how we view it and what it means in our lives.

The next few posts are going to talk about each topic and how by recalibrating your views on money and living your passions will provide you the opportunity to live the life you want. I will suggest books, give tips, and yes, we will talk about the basic principles of money - back to the basics.

I have been busy redesigning my mission - I am adding programs for toddlers through retirement planning. Although your generation is my key focus - as you have to change now to hope for enough money in retirement - if we can influence younger kids now - our tribes grow and we can spend time enjoying life vs. managing it.

Stay tuned....

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