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18 February 2010

They Were Right Along... Who Knew?

I am back! I am so sorry for the lapse in posts but I had a few personal issues to deal with and actually working on another project that I will post about in a month or so.
So in the past week I have spoken to friends of mine whose kids have recently moved into their own apartments. I thought I would share the thoughts their kids have shared with them since moving out.
1. I didn't know a dog could eat so much. I am at Wal-Mart buying more food.
2. My roommate never shuts the lights out. It is so frustrating.
3. Have you seen the cost of milk this week?
4. The cute little cat I found has medical issues - the vet bill is over $400. No extras for me for quite a while. I had to put it on my credit card.
5. Had friends over for a pot luck dinner - to watch the Olympics. (Who knew they had a clue about a pot luck dinner).
6. I can't afford gas for my car.
7. How do you put plastic on the windows? It is really drafty and the gas bill is sky high.
8. Did you know you can get TV for free with rabbit ears?
9. Can I go to Costco with you to check prices?
10. Wow, now I understand why you were always on me about being more aware of my actions - all the little things add up to alot of money!
I love being on my own but I have a totally different view now that it is my house and my money!
So GenM pay attention to your parents - they are really giving good advice and not just trying to irritate you.

Stay tuned......

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