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27 February 2010

Snowed In and Loving It

We have spent hardly any money this winter on activities or eating out. Why? Because we have been snowed in most of the winter. I need to remember this lesson when the weather breaks and I am free to roam anywhere I please.

Over the past few months we have not been bored. In fact, just the opposite.

We started out with the usual cabin fever stuff -- watching TV, watching TV and watching TV then we got bored. We started a backgammon tournament, creative cooking, watched a season of the Wire (which we owned), organized our file system and offices (happiest day of my life), had a snowball fight, wrote actual letters to our elderly relatives, spent more time with neighbors, read books from the library, hot baths and relaxation, used the treadmill in my basement and enjoyed the Olympics to name a few of our favorite past times.

My biggest accomplishment was finishing a book project I have been working on. Stay tuned for more info on that ... surprise it is not on Finance.

With all the articles and tips on saving money - it really goes back to the basics of spending time with people you care about, exercising and being healthy, organizing your environment for success and having fun.

Stay tuned.....

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