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19 January 2010

Tuesday's Tips

Hey everybody, we're swinging into 2010 and I've got some great tips to get you rolling. After taking some holiday time to relax and refresh my brain it's now bursting with tips that just need to be given.

1) If you're setting goals write them down. This is probably the most important tip I'll give all year. There is no better way to fail to reach a goal than to not write it down. I've been saying for years that I'm going to get into better shape, start working out, and make positive lifestyle changes. However I never wrote those things down, and I've yet to work out for more than 2 weeks before stopping. In my head I'm always saying to myself "man I need to start working out again" or "that flight of stairs should not make me short of breath, I think it's time to start getting back into shape." But all of my inner monologues have yet to motivate me enough to go more than 2 weeks. But, I sat down one night and wrote down 5 goals that I'd like to accomplish this year. Some were very simple like "make different brownies in my new brownie pan once a month" and some were more advanced such as "earn my real estate license by passing the exams on the 1st try." My point is that if you don't right your goals down you will be less likely to complete them. This isn't just my opinion, it has been proven over longitudinal studies that have lasted over the past 50+ years.

2) Upgrade your education. In these economic times jobs are scarce and those that are available might want the best possible candidate. If you are equally qualified as another candidate, but that candidate has a license or higher degree, they may be the person that gets the job. Right now I am earning my Real Estate License because it will raise my value to my company, and it shows that I am taking initiative and wanting to learn more to help the company. My girlfriend is currently waiting to hear back from a graduate program that she applied to because she wants to take advantage of the down economy to further her education and improve her prospects for the future. Also, this program will get her into a job working with children which is what she would love to do.

So everyone, make sure you write down some goals and start educating yourself. And don't think education means you have to earn a degree or a license. It can be as simple as just taking a class or 2 at a community college or technical school. Whatever it is just start educating yourself and stick to those goals. Look at them every morning and every night. Keep a copy in your wallet or purse. Just write them down because you'll be hundreds of times more likely to work toward completing them.

Everyone take it easy and enjoy 2010. We're already almost 1/12 of the way through the year, so make sure to take advantage of what time is left.

I'm on a 168 hour break, so until then Stay Tuned...

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