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16 January 2010

Sallie Mae's Tips for College Planning

There are many steps to picking a college. Sallie Mae has provided a list of things to consider while choosing. Financial concerns are among the top issues and if you miss deadlines to apply for aid - you may have to wait another year to apply. This is not a time to procrastinate. Once the money is gone - you are out of luck.

For Planning and Paying for College

Make the most of high school academics and activities
Select courses that meet college admissions requirements. Develop your
interests and talents through additional activities.

Find a college that fits you
Use the Internet, guidebooks, brochures, campus visits, and college
fairs to find schools that meet your academic and personal needs.

Take appropriate standardized tests
The SAT and/or the ACT are usually required for college admissions.
Use a test prep book or online practice tool to get ready.

Familiarize yourself with the college application process

Make a list of all deadlines and required recommendations, essays,
transcripts, test scores, etc.

Investigate scholarship opportunities early
Scholarships are based on a variety of criteria and can be found on
the Internet, in scholarship guides, and through sponsoring groups.

Beware of scholarship scams
No one can guarantee you a scholarship in advance, and you should
never have to pay a fee for scholarship searches.

Understand college costs
In addition to tuition, room and board, you also will need to cover fees,
books, transportation, and personal expenses.

Research your eligibility for federal and state financial aid
Two-thirds of all full-time undergraduate students receive some kind
of financial aid, so odds are you are eligible, too.

Complete the FAFSA annually in January
This is required to be considered for federal student aid. It can also
be required by colleges, state agencies, and some scholarships.

Explore student and parent loans
Borrow only what you absolutely need. Start with federal student
loan programs, which usually provide the best terms.

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Marypat said...

Thanks for these! My oldest is a senior and I need all the
advice I can get!

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