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04 November 2009

College Programming - Student Activity

We have just arrived home after visiting Maui Community College and then going to two College Programming Conferences. We have talked with many many students and advisers about the importance of our presentation. We understand the need for fun and stress relieving programs i.e. bands, magicians, poets, and comedians. We are just asking that the schools commit at least one program to educating their students on becoming financially independent in their lives.
The conferences are all about information and fun. The students learn how to pick amongst many very talented people who is best for their school and it's mission. There is networking, educational sessions, numerous show cases acts to see the artists at their best. Long days, little sleep and alot of smiles.

They have budgets and are responsible for bringing programs to their schools that will benefit their student body. Whether a night of fun and stress release or an entertaining yet powerful message about personal growth.

The students go home with bags full of novelty items and memories. Once they get back to school - the tough part begins - who do you bring to your campus? There are many talented individuals and so many different options.

They walk away from the conference with new skills, they learn about bringing in big programs to their schools, budgets, scheduling, negotiating, and balancing the schedule for the campus to ensure variety.

In the end many memories are made, relationships formed and we all want this generation to be successful and live a balanced passion filled life. Thanks to all the students who came to our showcase, stopped by our booth and smiled at us as they passed us in the hallways!
We hope to see you at your college soon!
Stay tuned........

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