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30 September 2010

Maintenance Continues…

This afternoon – we had a reminder about the costs of maintenance. We had to take our car to the shop to have the oil changed and the kind gentleman shared with us that our tires have to be replaced!

Okay – so we concede that we don't quite how to maintain our tires in order to avoid having to pay for new ones. BUT – we do know that certain things we do can help lower replacement costs. Admittedly – we need to remember more often that speed has a direct impact on the life of the tires and the rate at which we slow down can also apply pre-mature wear and tear.

What kind of things do you do that lower or reduce your maintenance costs?

How about simple things like:

  • Running water in the disposal so the blades don't get damaged.
  • Changing the air filter monthly to make sure that your heating and air run more efficiently.
  • Regular oil changes in the car to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Turning off the TV when it's not being used to keep the screen from burning out.


What other ideas do you have to lower maintenance and repair costs?

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