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09 July 2008


Americans are the masters at spending money! We have a German student living with us and he is amazed by the number of grocery stores, food chains, gas stations and malls on every corner. While posting about how to save $60 a week to change your life - I looked around the dorm rooms at the college my kids attend. What did I see???

Rooms filled with dvd's, cd's and game systems. Flat screened TVs (I don't even own one of those), cell phones, Bose music systems, ipods and lap tops..............

Waste of money - DVD's. With the pace that technology changes - you will soon have a room filled with thousands of dollars of useless plastic. I am all for owning the movie or TV series you love. To own a mass number is totally a waste of money and great marketing on someone's part. Did someone say Blu-ray Disc??

Owning numerous game systems - If you have a system you love - great! Own a few games, play, enjoy and relax. We all need time to zone out from the pressures of life. But when I see kids with 3 different systems with hundreds of games at a minimum of $50 a piece - I shudder and wonder what they will be eating when they retire? Had they saved SOME of the money - they could be eating caviar 50 years from now.

It is easy to spend hundreds of dollars on music downloads, overage of minutes on cell phones, paying for features on your phone and cable that you really don't need or use, and overlap of services with technology to name a few.

Managing your choices today will not limit your enjoyment - you still buy the movies, games and technology you love. You just don't own them all. You might even surprise yourself and find additional satisfaction from not buying something!
Run it thru a filter - before a purchase...

How does this fit into my short term goals and my long term goals?

Can I get it from the library, borrow from a friend, how often will I use it, am I being sold or do I have a real need for this in my life? Start asking yourself these types of questions to be more aware and conscious before you spend money.

You will be on your way to becoming a MILLIONAIRE!

Stay tuned......

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Stefan said...

I never thought about it until I started moving from an apartment to a house recently, but I own at least 50 DVD movies and 10 DVD seasons of various TV shows. And how often to I watch any of them? Maybe once or twice a month. And how much did I spend on them? At least $400. I could rent a movie from Blockbuster for $5, or from the library for free. Looking back on it I really don't NEED them, and I could have used that money elsewhere, or even saved it. This really sheds light on the decisions we make day to day that could impact the future in a big way.

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